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Welcome to Denture Trouble Shooting ®
Are you having trouble with your dental plate? where do you go for help? Are they falling down or jumping up or do they look terrible? Do you find that your not chewing your food? These and many more denture problems are easily fixed if you go to the right people.

Who are these people? These people are called direct denture makers and they are there to help you sort out your denture problems. They are the denture makers themselves who have studied for years at denture schools all over the world and you can go directly to them.

They are not dentists so they are unable to extract teeth and treat a disease that you may have, so will refer you to a dental specialist if needed on your first visit to them, but for other matters concerning denture plates they are the people to see.

Because dentures can have many many problems if not made correctly you need to consult with a professional and experienced person who is able to help you. Thats why was created, to help you connect with the direct denture makers who are all over the world and just waiting to help you with your problems.

Also a panel of very experienced direct denture makers are available online to talk to you.
Direct Denture Makers
Direct Denture Makers

Because the correct fitting, wearing & proper maintenance of dentures can have such a huge impact on your life this web site has been created to connect you, the denture wearer, to the expertise of Direct Denture Makers around the world.

It is an international directory and also a help centre designed to answer your questions about dentures. You will be connected to Direct Denture Makers who have their own Direct Denture Clinics and are waiting to hear from you.

There are No Dentists, Only DIRECT DENTURE MAKERS on this website.
Direct Denture Makers
Denture Care

Most dentures are made of plastic and plastic needs care when cleaning.You must not:

Denture Care Use boiling water. (Use only warm water)

Use anything that will scratch, no steel wool etc.

Denture Care Use extreme pressure while holding them.

Use a tooth brush that is too hard.

Denture Care Use chemicals that have not been recommended
by a Direct Denture Maker ®
Direct Denture Makers
Direct Denture Makers
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Denture Tips
There can be metal parts on a denture as well.

You have to be careful not to push or bend, also they can be damaged when dropped.

It is wise to only clean them in a sink, not in the shower, accidents happen in the shower.

Never leave them where pets could get them. Dogs think that they are bones.

Always use a good strong denture fixative before going for a swim or boating.

When going on holidays, always take your spare set with you and some denture fixative.

If you need a spare set made, your nearest
Direct Denture Maker ® can help.
Direct Denture Makers
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